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Global Gender Gap Report 2021 March 2021

At the World Economic Forum, the Centre for the New Economy and Society is supplementing
research into gender gaps with a growing portfolio of initiatives. Closing the Gender Gap
Accelerators work with advanced and developing economies to create public-private collaborations
for rapid acceleration to economic parity, focusing on increasing women’s participation in
the workforce, closing the gender pay gap, and helping more women advance into leadership
roles and develop in-demand skills. The Hardwiring Gender Parity in the Future of Work
initiative is seeking commitments from businesses with the ambition to embed parity into the fastest
growing emerging professions.

This year’s report aims to keep the focus on consistent measurement of gender gaps while
providing new data to point to emerging and concerning trends in the labour market so
that we can proactively address them. We are delighted to feature in this report a special
collaboration with LinkedIn and Ipsos, who have provided unique data and new measures to track
gender gaps.